The Scents

A scent can bring us back in time, trigger long forgotten memories, influence people's moods and remind us of people, places, and experiences. Some desire to create a lasting impression that transcends beyond the visual. It can be a fashion statement, a declaration of uniqueness, an extension of your personality.

The beauty of the five nature elements of earth, metal, wood, water and fire inspires BYKALIV scents. So we’ve enhanced low-key classics essential oils with plant derived botanical elements to give you a smooth, delicate fragrance. Not too overwhelming, just perfect for your senses. It’s comfort reconsidered, from the scents of the candle to the feel of the soft crackling sound when burning a wood fire, our candles provide an added sensory experience of sound and so you can relax, unwind and indulge in all life has to offer.

We want to add scents to your life. We also want to bring the elements of the natural world in to your space and beyond for you to discover relaxation, romance, joy and love, naturally through the authentic nature scents and formula among our range of products into your daily lives. Above all, find scents that are pleasing to you, explore scents for yourself and eventually experience joy in the air.