Our Story


BYKALIV is dedicated to delivering something gorgeous+good for the soul; natural, aromatic and substance; substance of ingredients – aromatic by design.

At BYKALIV, smell isn’t the only sense that we are passionate about. Our goal is to create a sense of well-being and exceptional, Australian made candles, artisan handcrafted of small-batch from a selection of all natural bases with plant derived botanical and essential oils, to make you feel loved and great, as they are designed to enhance these senses of enjoyment, simple but luxurious naturally made lifestyling products.

We are passion for natural oils of the flowers and plants and the therapeutic benefits that they harmonise the body and the mind deliver on both with the pleasure scents and the flickering appearance for our candles.

Give yourself a well deserved love with our all-natural bases candles. You may be able to find cheaper candles on the market, but they cannot begin to compare to our plant derived and all natural bases. Through buying this jar, you are supporting the world of sustainable harvest and helping environmental conscious farmers to continuous saving our planet.

Style. Substance. Elements. BYKALIV.

Thank you for choosing our elements! x


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