ROSEWOOD | Element2 Artisan Candle

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Tell You What Wild Rosy! You Are So Sexy! 

This completely natural candle beautifully captures the aromatic woody floral of rock roses + a bit of a wild side of delicate Australian sandalwood fragrant herbs with bright notes of essential oil rose geranium. It is soft, uniquely fresh scent and wonderfully floral, and, well, we kind of like a little wild.

Luminous and seductive, each hint of Rose Wood is utterly spell binding, provides self-confidence, optimism, and improves interactions with people. 

SCENT PROFILE: This is a 100% pure essential oils blend of wild rose and delicate, fragrant herbs balanced with woody notes from rock rose + crisp rosy rose geranium with base notes Australian sandalwood and vanillin. Completely Natural. Luxurious. Thoughtfully made. 

INGREDIENTS: Designed for sophistication and lifestyle, our candles use only 100% pure essential oils (certified organic where possible) and plant derived botanical oils to create a soothing natural scent combinations, and filled with non-toxic clean burn soy wax and organic eco-friendly wooden wick to create the feel of the soft crackling sound when burning a wood fire.

MADE BY:KALIV. Born in Sydney Australia.

What’s not to love? All-natural and biodegradable. No petroleum (no paraffin waxes). No phthalates. No palm oil. No dyes or synthetic fragrances. No tested on animal. VEGAN (no beeswax). 

BURING + CARE: For a better burning experience, always remove the burnt old charred part of a wick before each use. It helps to renew the fuel head when burning. Enjoy the feel of relaxing in front of a crackling fireplace. To maximise performance:
- burn candle for 3 to 4 hours at a time.
- wipe clean 
- approx. 50+ hours burn time
- 557g / 20oz signature glass holder