The Element Range

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Featuring the beauty of the five elements of the earth, metal, wood, water, fire, we bottled each nature inspired scent so you can embrace the feeling of being in the nature without ever leaving your space.

DESCRIPTION & SIZE: Our candles are carefully poured by hand in small-batches using a sustainable and renewable natural soy wax and blended with 100% pure essential oils (certified organic where possible) and plant derived botanical oils to create a soothing natural scent combinations. Each artisan candle in the collection is entirely handmade into our signature glass, a recyclable and reusable holder, each candle burns cleanly for over 50+ hours. 557g / 20oz signature glass holder.

INGREDIENTS: Designed for sophistication and lifestyle, our candles use only 100% pure essential oils (Certified Organic where possible) and plant derived botanical oils, and filled with non-toxic clean burn soy wax and organic eco-friendly wooden wick. All-natural and biodegradable. No petroleum (no paraffin waxes). No phthalates. No palm oil. No dyes or synthetic fragrances. No tested on animal. VEGAN (no beeswax).  

MADE BY:KALIV. Born in Sydney Australia.

What’s not to love? Especially when the artisan formula is biodegradable, aromatic essential oils + plant derived oils, contains no toxic ingredients. Our candles are handmade in small-batches of our trademark natural ingredients.

Completely Natural. Luxurious. Thoughtfully made.



Element1 | FRESH METAL*

Element2 | ROSE WOOD

Element3 | COOL WATER*

Element4 | CAMP FIRE*


*coming soon