BYKALIV: Quality first


We are very excited to introduce the BYKALIV Botanical Candles Range: Natural. Luxurious. Thoughtfully made. Our goal is to create a sense of well-being and exceptional Australian made candles, artisan of small-batch, aromatic+natural handcrafted candles that are all-natural, clean burning and enjoyable lifestyling products, just like we would want our lives to be. 

We are dedicated to pleasure scents and quality of substance, substance of ingredients – aromatic by design. You may be able to find cheaper candles on the market, but they cannot begin to compare to our plant derived and all natural bases.

At the heart of our quality creation are natural, botanical; do not contain toxic, leads or paraffin waxes; handcrafted candles with responsibly harvested ingredients (certified organic where possible), quality are meticulously crafted for enriching a sensory experience as they are designed to enhance these qualities for the user.