Our outdoor swim surf culture﹏Bondi Beach


Words by Kali Studio
﹏   Bondi Beach, Sydney ﹏


☀︎ Welcome to Bondi Beach, one of Sydney’s most incredible and famous beaches, also is a typical Aussie beach with clean, fine and soft sand. 

As a Sydneysider, we love our beachlife. There’s no better way to start your day than in Bondi’s sunny southern corner. Our Aussie outdoor swimming culture, and, The Bondi Icebergs Pool by the ocean, has been a landmark of Bondi Beach for over 100 years.

I think, one of the reasons why Bondi's so popular amongst the Sydneysiders is that there are so many things to do around here beyond the large stretch of beach. It’s the iconic Sydney location for all sorts of large-scale events, such as the City2Surf, Festival of the Winds (Kite Festival), and my favourite Sculpture by the Sea.


Walk back past Icebergs and down the hill onto the Bondi promenade, continue to head down to the main beach.

Let’s Go Surfing!

Whether you want to catch a wave or just play around on your surf board, going in the water for two hours is priceless relaxation therapy. And come back via the stairs of the Icebergs and your feet made it on the ground.

If you fancy for a coffee, cross the road to the right, grab yourself a cuppa. 

Enjoy your day! 

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