Mikaela Huang, Hong Kong



Words & Images by Mikaela Huang
Hong Kong


As a Journalism graduate – a fashion enthusiast – a freelance photographer, Mikaela Huang does not shy about writing on her Fashionmimo, an online lifestyle memo.


Who are you?

Hi I am Mikaela. A freelance blogger/photographer.

Where are you from?

I’m from China. Most of the time I stay in Hong Kong.

What do you do?

I studied Journalism and currently working in PR industry.


What is your morning routine?

It’s pretty simple really, in the morning I freshen the skin with a facial cleaning process routine, and take a moment to choose what to wear for the day. I’ll then make myself some breakfast at the table and my fav would be yogurt and fruits.

Best solution for Monday morning blues?

Have a full breakfast and listen to some music when working.

Tips for a restful nights sleep?

1. Put your phone away before you sleep.
2. Try to do some stretching before going to bed.
3. Try some scent candles if I want to have a relaxing atmosphere in my room.

Favourite scent or smell?

Earthy/woody scent is my favourite recently.


    Best thing about living in your area?

    I’m pretty lucky to live in an area that has so much goodness on its doorstep. It’s super convenient but super crowded and noisy at the same time.

    Most recent discovery in your neighbourhood?

    A barber shop where it becomes a jazz bar every Saturday night.


    Tea or coffee?


    Who are some other artists, designers or instrumental person whose work you admire?

    David Hockney, the ‘Colour Icon’. My Hockney love might have begun with the art. His art is one of the great landmarks of post-modernism. Hockney’s work not only uses great colour but it also challenges our relationship to colour as well. Hockney sees the world in unusual ways. "He's an incredibly talented observer but when he introduces colour he's clearly capturing his feeling about a place – and I think that does relate to how we view the worlds," Driffield school's head of art, Rosie Bramley.

    Mikaela-Artist David Hockney
    The man at work.

    Which 2 favourite cities you've been to so far?

    Kyoto, Japan – this city literally has everything I want and there are still a lot for me to discover. Historical background and interesting people combining together make this city dynamic. My last trip to Japan was a perfect wrap-up of my 2016, especially the 4-day staycation in Kyoto, a city which keeps bringing me inspirations and enlightenment. And fortunately I’ve caught the last chance to appreciate the autumn view in this city, with those “red” elements.




    Singapore – is the second fav city. To most people, Singapore might be a boring and expensive small city, but I like the life there. According to my observation Singapore is energetic and relatively “new”, and seems like ppl here have better work-life balance than in other asian cities that’s what I love the most.




    How do you like to spend your weekends as a family?

    I love to have picnic with my family, relaxing in the nature with home-made delicious.